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Plug 'n Play DIY Pneumatic Tube System

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easy Pneumatic Tube System

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Starting Price for Base System $3,900.00

The KEL2020 brought to you from Kelly Systems Inc. is an EASY SELF INSTALL Pneumatic Tube System

The KEL2020 Do It Yourself Pneumatic Tube System Features:

  • 4" O.D. aluminum tubing
  • 120V power supply and control with easy single button dispatch
  • Point A to Point B system that sends carrier up to 48FT with a load of up to 3lbs
  • Expansion offerings available to send the system additional 48FT or MORE!
  • Extend system to send as far as 150-200 FT distance
  • Adjustable Control timer to set 1 second per 10 FT of transported distance
  • This system was designed to be usable and customizable by the end user according to their needs
  • Installable by mechanically inclined 2 man team with 4 tools

The KEL2020 is for a 48 FT Point A to Point B System
Expansion Parts are Available to Increase up to 200 FT


KEL2020 Expansion Parts

  • Extend your KEL2020 additional 48FT
  • (8) sections of aluminum 6FT Lengths
  • (8) Pcs Bolted Couplings with Hardware (Use out of the Box)
  • Fits KEL2020 "Complete" DIY Tube System
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW
  • Receive Carriers in the Order of Send
  • Allow Multiple Sends From Blower Side before Removing from system
  • Paired with the KEL2020 DIY system You can Create TWO unilateral send systems.
  • (2) Chutes that Fit ASIN : B08K99L9LW
  • Extending Straight Tube for the KEL2020 Complete DIY Pneumatic Tube System
  • (1) 6FT section (2) Bolted Couplings
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW
  • Fits KEL2020 DIY Complete Pneumatic Tube System
  • This includes (1) 4" OD bend For KEL2020 System
  • Adapt your KEL2020 system to additional bends in system route
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW
  • Specifically Designed for the KEL2020 Complete DIY Pneumatic Tube System
  • (8) Clamps and Unistrut w/ Hardware
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW
  • Sized to Fit KEL2020 DIY Complete Pneumatic Tube System
  • (6) PCS Bolted Coupling
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW

KEL2020 4" OD Telescoping Carrier for Pneumatic Tube System

  • High Volume Carrier for KEL2020 4" O.D. System
  • (2) CARRIERS FOR KEL2020 DIY Pneumatic Tube System
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW

KEL2020 4" OD Heavy Duty Carrier for Pneumatic Tube System

  • Heavy Duty Carrier for KEL2020 4" O.D. System
  • Durable Carrier for KEL2020 DIY Pneumatic Tube System
  • Fits ASIN : B08K99L9LW

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is the cost lower than market on this system?
This system was designed for self-installation which has taken much of the cost out. It’s the same quality system that can be acquired from your typical pneumatic venders. In short, it’s less expensive, NOT Cheaper.
2Who is the targeted audience for the KEL2020 system?
We aim to lower the barriers to entry for small and medium sized businesses for pneumatic tube systems.
3What if the system isn’t working properly or has a failure?
We have a catalogue of video tutorials for everything from installation to trouble shooting and repair on our YouTube Channel.
4Is there a larger version of the KEL2020?
If the application exceeds the power of the KEL2020 or needs specifically skilled installers you can get customized quotes and systems from Kelly Systems Inc.
5How much use is this system designed to take?
The KEL2020 is designed for near constant use for years without any notable service. The KEL2020 can be relied upon for transport up to 3 lbs sending up to 200 ft. In the event that you need to replace damaged or lost parts Kelly Systems Inc. maintains an extensive inventory for each component.
6Why do you think anyone can install this system themselves?
That is the whole concept of the KEL2020 the system! Simplified for ease of install. If you can comprehend our instructional videos and handle a few basic tools you can install this yourself.

Have questions regarding your use for a KEL2020 System?

We are excited to hear about your use for the KEL2020 Decentralized Platform for Physical Transport. Fill out the contact form and let's talk business!