System Design Options

Common System Style Options

Point to Point: Pressure/Pressure

This style system is for sending from Point A to point B and is operated on Pressure only from both sending sides. The system is most commonly used for office settings and sending items such as paperwork, office supplies, scale tickets, cash and anthing weighing up to five lbs. that you send around 50-250 ft distances. This system style comes in 3” & 4” Tube line Sizes.

Point to Point: Pressure/Vacuum

This system is operated with a Blower on only one side of the system and sends on pressure and retrieves on Vacuum. Environments where one location would not be suitable for the blower this blower can be run remotely from a clean air location to the central station. This system is best for sending 500-1200 ft sends or even further with higher powered blowers. Commonly these systems are used for Drive-Thru lanes where the outside terminal sends back to the office on Vacuum.

Multiple Stations: Collection Distribution System

This system is designed to have one central location which sends and receives from multiple locations on the same system. Common uses for this system are cash collection and distribution throughout a business with a central book keeper department. Also these are commonly used for business with Centralized Labs where many locations send to the lab for sampling.

Multiple Stations: Single Zone/PLC

This system allows for any station in a system to send to any other station in a system. With a single blower and a Programmed Logic Control a single location can send to any of the other locations in the system by means of a smart system shifting diverters and detecting with optics where the carrier is and reversing the blower to send back to new locations.

Multiple Stations: Continuous Run System

This system is run with a blower that is on 24/7 and the system is always under vacuum. You simply open a door on the system and dispatch your carrier when it’s ready to send to the alternate location. This system is most highly utilized in a scenario that you want to send many carriers per hour to alternate locations.

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