Pneumatic Tube Blowers

Kelly Pneumatic Blowers

The blower is the heart of every Kelly Tube System. The Blower is sized depending on several factors: volume of usage, length of system and tubing size. They are also sold to 3rd party customers for different applications.

Kelair Pressure Only System

This system is a Point to Point A to B pressure system that can run 3” or 4” Tube line and is widely used for Paperwork and interoffice purposes. The blower is contained within this Terminal Unit .


Kelly Autovac

This versatile 120 volt blower unit is used for single pipe systems and work with a reversing valve to create the vacuum and pressure needed. It can be used with system sizes 3”, 4”, 6”. Diverters can be added to send to and receive from multiple locations.


Kelly Turbovac Regenerative Blower with Valve Air Shifter

The Kelly Turbovac Blower requires 230/460 voltage. It can be used for all the same purposes as the Autovac but for more industrial, heavier, longer distance systems.


Kelly Centrifugal Blower

The Kelly centrifugal blowers are sized for multiple continuous running systems where a larger volume of air is required. Using a single blower often has more efficiency of operation.


Kelly Positive Displacement Mill Duty Blower

This blower is suited for the harshest of conditions for Steel mill and foundry setting. This Blower paired with Kelly Systems Steel Mill Grade Terminals is what separates Kelly Systems Inc. from the competition as the best in the industry for the most Reliable Heavy Duty Systems.


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