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Kelly tube system Introduces 4-Way Diverter

pneumatic tube system company offering 4-way diverter systemsPneumatic tube system company Kelly Tube System recently introduced a durable, light weight station diverter that allows up to four stations to be served from one trunk line. The 4-way diverter is more flexible than the existing 2-way and 3-way diverters as it can be used in series with three stations as the fourth port continues to the next in-line diverter.

It is durable light weight material decreases installation time and material costs are substantially reduced with the need for fewer diverters. Also, the Kelly 4-way diverter is the smallest in the industry, a compact 28” x 14” x 14”, primarily due to the rotary offset arm. Where space is at a premium, the easily installed Kelly 4-way diverter is the answer. The clear, impact and friction resistant interior offset arm allows a full view of the tubing for any obstruction.

Kelly Tube Systems located in Chicago, IL offering complete pneumatic tube systemsThe 4-way diverter can be used with multiple control systems including simple logic, PLC or computer controls. Diverter control options include maintenance technology that can be manipulated remotely to free obstructions without the need for access to the diverter itself.


KellyTube Introduces Flash Storage Device

KellyTube systems innovative newsKelly Systems announces a breakthrough in flash storage technology that allows its programs and operating systems to be stored and run from its new, miniature Flash Storage Device.

The Kelly Systems Flash Storage Device eliminates the need for unreliable floppy disks, floppy drives and hard drives. A few inches in length, it is packed with the latest in microchip technology allowing for highly reliable storage and operation of operating systems, systems programs, ini files and more. It also interfaces directly with required communication devices.

Kelly Introduces Internet &
Data Remote Maintenance Capability

Remote diagnosis and maintenance of KellyTube Systems is now possible through Kelly Systems Internet & Data Remote Maintenance program.

The Kelly Systems diagnostic and maintenance program works with either an internet connection or a simple data line. With a dial in protocol via a modem or LAN, the Kelly Systems technician can remotely access the System Computer and diagnose error and system faults. Software capabilities for automatically manipulating system components allow for maintenance to be conducted at the same time.

Kelly Dealer Congratulates Company on 100 Years

Attn: Walt Kelly and Michael Kelly, Third Generation of the Kelly family of management team for Kelly Systems, Inc.

All of us at Air Communications Co., Inc. would like to congratulate Kelly Systems on your up-coming, ONE HUNDRED YEARS of dedicated management and service to the pneumatic tube industry, serving a wide variety of customers throughout USA.

As a distributor and dealer of Kelly Systems for the past thirty five years it is comfortable position to be able to rely on one hundred years of technology, trust, and integrity, which has been displayed with every customer inquiry, large or small for a quality engineered tube systems.

Sincerely Submitted:

H.C. Weaver

10030 Sweetwater lane
Houston, TX 77037
August 13, 2003

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